Child Hygienist Appointment

Child Hygienist Appointment

Length: Typically 30-40 minutes ( Under 16's £50.00 GBP)

"Sparkling Smiles for Life: Empowering Children with Exceptional Oral Hygiene Care"

At our renowned mobile dental hygienist practice, we recognize the paramount importance of instilling impeccable oral hygiene habits in children to safeguard against gum disease and ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exceptional child oral hygiene service, where we go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment that feels just like home.

We take great pride in our holistic approach, engaging both parents and children in enlightening discussions about oral hygiene routines. Through these meaningful conversations, we empower families to embrace effective tooth brushing techniques and introduce the invaluable practice of cleaning between the teeth, commonly known as flossing or by using interdental brushes (Tepes). By imparting this wisdom, we equip young ones with the tools they need to achieve optimal dental health.

As adolescence brings the possibility of wearing fixed braces, a critical period for dental care emerges. Acknowledging the unique challenges posed by braces, we provide unwavering support during this very important phase. Cleaning braces can be an arduous task, requiring extra diligence to maintain pristine teeth and gums. Our compassionate team offers abundant guidance, ensuring that each child receives the individualized attention they deserve.

In our pursuit of comprehensive oral health, we extend our services beyond the confines of our practice. We are able to visit boarding schools, recognising the hurdles that parents face in arranging dental appointments for their children amidst their demanding schedules. By eliminating this obstacle, we alleviate concerns and grant parents the peace of mind that their children receive the necessary dental care without compromising their education. With our dedicated service, maintaining outstanding oral health becomes an effortless endeavor for both children and parents alike.

Furthermore, we passionately advocate for informed dietary choices, particularly concerning sugar intake. By educating our young patients about the impact of sugar on dental health, we empower them to cultivate decay-free mouths, fostering a lifetime of vibrant smiles.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and convenience has garnered widespread acclaim. We are proud to be the pioneers in delivering unparalleled oral hygiene services. Through our extraordinary efforts, we leave an indelible mark on the dental landscape, promoting lifelong oral health and ensuring the brightest futures for our young patients.