Diamond Clean Appointment

Diamond Clean Appointment

Length: Typically 60 minutes ( £100.00 GBP )

"Introducing our Premium Hygienist Experience: Featuring the Prophy Jet Air Polisher"

Prepare to indulge in the epitome of oral wellness as we unveil our exclusive Premium Hygienist Appointment, a comprehensive service that encompasses all the extraordinary features described in our £80 hygienist experience, while also introducing an exceptional addition: the Prophy Jet treatment.

The Prophy Jet, an advanced air polisher showcased in the picture above, reigns supreme as a transformative tool, eradicating persistent staining and revitalizing teeth with a luminous brilliance. While not classified as a teeth whitening procedure, it offers a remarkable alternative for patients seeking to rejuvenate their smiles without investing in traditional £300-£500 teeth whitening methods. Often, stubborn staining from certain foods, as well as indulgences like wines and coffees, can obscure the natural radiance of one's teeth. The Prophy Jet efficiently removes these accumulations, unveiling the resplendent, pearly white smile you desire.

Our experience has revealed that the Prophy Jet consistently exceeds patient expectations, prompting many to forego traditional teeth whitening altogether. The remarkable results achieved through this treatment can render teeth whitening unnecessary, as the elimination of stubborn stains often restores the desired brilliance. However, should you still harbor an interest in teeth whitening, we wholeheartedly recommend undergoing the Diamond Clean treatment first. By availing yourself of this meticulous preparatory step, you will optimize the outcome of any subsequent teeth whitening endeavors, ensuring the best results possible.

Furthermore, this premium appointment also serves as an ideal opportunity for a deep clean, affording our skilled professionals the luxury of additional time to address any specific concerns or problem areas. This focused attention guarantees a truly comprehensive oral care experience, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection.

Your satisfaction, oral well-being, and resplendent smile are our utmost priorities and are what we strive to achieve.